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The Strategic Advantage of Aligning a Company’s Production Environment with its Organisational Structure

The complex world of organizational strategy and structure has often been a topic of rigorous research and intense discussion. As we move further into a future shaped by technological innovation and shifting business landscapes, it becomes increasingly important to establish a robust, flexible, and efficient organisational framework. One aspect that often gets sidelined in this discourse is the harmonization of an organization’s production setup with its organisational design. This article will throw light on the distinct advantages of shaping a company’s production environment in sync with its organisational structure.


Observability: Viewing a Production Environment from Many Perspectives

Every production environment is a complex ecosystem, a living, breathing entity. The more we understand the interconnectivity and nuances of this environment, the better we can optimize it, troubleshoot issues, and increase overall performance. But how do we gain such deep insights? Enter the concept of observability.

How to Load Test Microservices Before Production Launch

Load testing is an essential component of the pre-production phase, with the primary objective of verifying that the system can handle expected user traffic without compromising performance or functionality. More importantly, load testing allows developers to identify and address potential bottlenecks and stability issues before they become problematic in the live environment.