An Example Statement of Work: ACME’s Proposal for KODIAK CORP


The purpose of this Statement of Work (SOW) is to outline ACME Ventures LLC’s proposal to conduct third-party vendor assessments for KODIAK CORP. The document sets forth the objectives, scope, roles and responsibilities, deliverables, and the pricing model for the proposed project. This SOW is crucial as it ensures that ACME and KODIAK are aligned on all facets of the project, reducing potential conflicts, and setting a clear path towards successful project completion.

Statement of Work

1. Executive Summary

ACME Ventures LLC (ACME) proposes to provide third-party vendor assessment services for KODIAK CORP (KODIAK). This SOW aims to provide a comprehensive overview of our proposed engagement, detailing the project’s goals, scope, key stakeholders, deliverables, and timelines.

2. Nature of Requirement

ACME seeks to ensure that KODIAK’s third-party vendors uphold the highest quality and compliance standards. The objective is to diligently assess and monitor the vendors to minimize potential risks, thereby ensuring KODIAK’s supply chain is both robust and reliable.

3. Scope of Work and RACI

ACME is responsible for performing a thorough evaluation of KODIAK’s third-party vendors, which includes reviewing their compliance with legal and industry regulations, assessing their business stability, and validating their ability to deliver quality products or services.

Compliance ReviewACME Assessment TeamACME Project ManagerKODIAK Procurement TeamKODIAK Management
Business Stability AssessmentACME Assessment TeamACME Project ManagerKODIAK Procurement TeamKODIAK Management
Quality Assurance EvaluationACME Assessment TeamACME Project ManagerKODIAK Procurement TeamKODIAK Management
4. Out of Scope Activities

ACME’s scope of work does not include resolution of vendor non-compliance issues or any contractual negotiations with vendors.

5. Assumptions

ACME assumes that KODIAK will provide all necessary documentation related to the vendors in a timely manner. Also, it’s presumed that KODIAK will assist in coordinating any necessary vendor meetings or inspections.

6. Deliverables

ACME will provide KODIAK with comprehensive vendor assessment reports that include findings, risk evaluations, and recommendations for each vendor.

7. Success Criteria

The project will be deemed successful when ACME has assessed all of KODIAK’s third-party vendors and provided detailed reports as per the agreed schedule.

8. Proposed Delivery Structure

The project will be delivered in three phases: Compliance Review, Business Stability Assessment, and Quality Assurance Evaluation, each expected to be completed within a month of commencement.

9. Pricing

ACME proposes a value-based pricing model. Prices are determined based on the perceived value to KODIAK rather than on the cost of service.

DeliverablePrice ($)
Compliance Review Report4000
Business Stability Assessment Report5000
Quality Assurance Evaluation Report4000
10. Stakeholders
ACME Project ManagerProject ManagementHigh
ACME Assessment TeamAssessment ExecutionHigh
KODIAK Procurement TeamConsulted PartyHigh
KODIAK ManagementInformed PartyMedium
11. Term and Conditions

This SOW is valid for a period of 90 days from the date of issue. ACME reserves the right to revise the pricing and terms after the said period.

12. Warranty and Limited Liability

ACME provides a 60-day warranty on the deliverables, limited to the correction of any inaccuracies or errors in the assessments. ACME’s liability shall not exceed the total amount paid by KODIAK for the services.

13. Acceptance

Upon the successful delivery of all reports and completion of the project, KODIAK will provide a formal acceptance of the project in writing.

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